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Small victories depend on wisdom, big victories are in virtue, only with virtue as the first, there is a real victory. Virtue is also the root, the wealth is also the end, the outside of the root within the end, the fight for the people to seize is the reason why the wealth gathered is the people scattered, the wealth scattered is the people gathered. That is why the words are contrary to the outgoing also contrary, and the incoming; goods contrary to the incoming, also contrary to the outgoing.

Our working process

Relying on the branch rooted in the market front, with the company's marketing department adjustment, Shenzhen and the local implementation of "unification, standardization, specialization" mode, to achieve "Shenzhen manufacturing, local sales, local service", to create "Herno core customer system", to achieve Shenzhen and the local common "comprehensive surplus sales", so as to achieve the company's soft goal of the first phase of "the most valuable enterprise" to lay the initial foundation.

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(JDiag Electronics), established in 2015, is a national high-tech enterprise with an independent automotive diagnostic R&D team and production department, which has been focusing on automotive diagnostic technology, product development and production services, and its products are sold well in Europe, America and more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has developed into an excellent brand in the global automotive diagnostic industry. The annual output value of the company exceeds ten million dollars.

With the spirit of product-oriented, focusing on technological innovation, product innovation, functional innovation, and user-centered, JDiag Technology has formed a R&D and production team of more than 100 people, and the team has obtained more than a dozen patented technologies, and its products and services cover the R&D, production, and sales of high-end automotive computer diagnostic products such as motorcycle scan diagnostic instrument, automotive battery scan diagnostic instrument, automotive circuit diagnostic instrument, battery detector, and other products. Our products and services cover the R&D, production and sales of high-end automotive computer diagnostic products such as motorcycle scan diagnostic instrument, automotive battery scan diagnostic instrument, automotive circuit diagnostic instrument, battery detector, etc., realizing one-stop service from R&D to after-sale. We have formed a trinity strategic layout with product development, manufacturing and supply as the core. Since the establishment of the company, JDiag brand products have been widely used in the field of auto repair and auto maintenance, and have been recognized and affirmed by customers at home and abroad, and JDiag, FasLink, FasCheck and other well-known brands are well-known at home and abroad.


Our Team

JDiag Technology always insists on the concept of "developing enterprise by virtue and reaching oneself" to provide customers with high quality, high value and professional brand services. The company has a high-end laboratory, equipped with international advanced inspection and testing instruments, to effectively ensure the quality of products, and effectively solve the customer's worries.


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Our company history and facts

JDiag products are well sold in both domestic and overseas markets, and have achieved excellent results in overseas markets. The products are at the top of the rankings of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Selling Post and Alibaba International Station, and are well liked by European and American users, and the offline channels involve more than 20 countries or regions around the world.  JDiag Electronics is another company in China's automotive diagnostic industry that has successfully expanded into overseas markets.

In 2022, JDiag Technology, overcoming many difficulties will be years of accumulated technology, resources, research and development of more advanced new products, improve the ability and efficiency of automotive repair, expand the market to strengthen brand strength.

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Design & development process demonstration

With quality as the life, customer satisfaction as the cornerstone, and sustainable business development as the concept, JieDai Technology follows and implements the core values and corporate culture of excellence and innovation, customer first, and people-oriented, while insisting on market orientation, striving to create greater value for customers and achieve win-win development for multiple parties, becoming a respectable leader in the industry.

JETRO, committed to become the world's leading automotive intelligent diagnosis and repair solutions provider, will persistently develop the world's leading technology products. We will strive to create a hundred years of foundation and prosperous legend.