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8 thoughts on “M100 Update V22.29

  1. Zisky says:

    Whats new with v22.20?

    1. JDIAGTOOLS says:

      added yamaha Tricity 1553

  2. Davide says:

    Is the support for Benelli TRK 702 planned in the future updates?
    The ECU is the Bosch MSE 6 “new” (equipped by CFMoto and Moto Morini as well), but it works over CAN and not over K-line , following the UDS protocol (Service 22 to read the data). The same is for the CFMoto 650 MT.

    1. JDIAGTOOLS says:

      The software updates will released once added in future. please follow up . Thanks

  3. Irsya says:

    Kapan pembaharuan akan dilakukan lagi?

    1. JDIAGTOOLS says:

      Fixed Yamaha D87, D88 issue.

      1. Irsya says:

        V22.29 update m100 layar blank

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